How to search Heavy Machine or Equipment what I want to buy in Budozar?

You can search equipment by choosing Main Categories (Machine or Engine or Parts) and filling information as you want to find in the search form.


How do I find Heavy Machine or Equipment for sale who was near my office or job site?

You can see Region and Township in our search form and can choose from drop down list which is near your location.


Why can’t I find the Equipment I want to buy?

You may be filling information too much. You don’t need to fill everything in search form. Please left some box was empty and you can find what you want to buy.


Who can be a Seller in Budozar?

All user who own the Heavy Machine can be a seller in Budozar. You can register an account as a seller and only need to fill your information correctly.


How do I sell my machine in Budozar?

You need to purchase credit to sell your machine in Budozar. You can see more details information in “How to sell” menu.


Can I change the price or some information about my machine after upload?

You can change any information about your machine after upload but it will be show after Budozar team approve.