How To Buy

1.1    User Registration to Budozar Web App

1.1.1 Signup as a Buyer

  • You can use any internet web browser and search engine to find our website with keyword ‘’Budozar’’.
  • You can see sign up button at upper right corner of our home page.
  • Please click on sign up and you will reach Sign up page.
  • Please fill your email address and desire password at sign up page. Please choose I am a Buyer and click on “Register” button.
  • After submit, please wait reply mail from Budozar Team and you can login our web app after you get the confirmation email.


1.2    Setting up Buyer Dashboard

1.2.1 Change setting of your account information

  • You can see your dashboard and there is a “Become a Vendor” to change your account as a seller. (You can see more detail information to become a seller in “How to Sell” Section.
  • You can fill or change your billing address in “Address” tab by click on “Edit”. Please fill your correct information.
  • You can change your account information and password in “Account Details” tab on buyer dashboard.


1.3    Searching Heavy Machine, Engine, Parts

1.3.1 Searching Equipment you want to buy

  • Click on our logo “Budozar” at upper left of your dashboard, and you can see search form to find equipment what you want to buy.
  • In our search form, we have three main categories tab as Machine, Engine and Parts. You can choose a tab of categories that you want to find.
  • You can find the product easily with Product Name, Brand, Category, Model, Region, Township boxes and also can choose the range of using Hours, Price and Production Year.
  • You don’t need to fill and choose every boxes and range, please feel free to find the product what you want buy by using some information. If you can’t find the product, you can empty some boxes to find more product.


 1.4   Ordering the product

1.4.1 Ordering the product you want to buy

  • Click on the product in search result, it will show details information about the product.
  • You can click on “Buy” button to add in your cart and also can click on “I am interested” button to find back that product easily after you find another similar products.
  • You can click on “View Cart” button and can see the products what you want to buy.
  • You can redeem and get promotion price if you have any discount coupon code. Fill the coupon code in the box and click on “Apply Coupon” button.
  • After checking your cart, you need to click on “Proceed to Checkout” button to complete your order.
  • In Check Out section, you need to fill your personal information, billing address (if you already setting up billing address, you only need to check correct or not) and choose payment method. After that click on the “Place Order” button to finish the order process.
  • Now you can see the Order receive page.
  • The product seller will contact you as per your information.